Pedestrian Law Scotland believes in actively campaigning to ensure that Scotland's roads become a safer place for vulnerable road users.


Road Share Campaign for Presumed Liability

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Brenda Mitchell from Cycle Law Scotland founded the Road Share Campaign which seeks to introduce presumed liability onto Scotland's roads and bring some legal protection to all vulnerable road users. More detail about the campaign, its Steering group and supporters can be found at here >>>>



Pedal on Parliament

pedal on parliament

Pedal on Parliament are seeking support for an 8 point manifesto for a cycle friendly Scotland.

These points are:

1. Proper funding for cycling and walking

2. Design cycling and walking into Scotland’s roads.

3. Slower speeds where people live, work and play.

4. Integrate cycling/walking into local transport strategies.

5. Improved road traffic law and enforcement.

6. Reduce the risk of HGVs to cyclists and pedestrians.

7. A strategic and joined-up programme of road user training.

8. Improved statistics supporting decision making and policy.

Pedestrian Law Scotland supports POP and attends its annual mass cycling demonstration ride/walk (3-4000 cyclists) to Holyrood from the Meadows at the end April each year.


20's plenty

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Pedestrian Law Scotland is an active supporter of the National 20s Plenty Group. Along with the introduction of presumed liability, it is the other key change which could dramatically reduce the number of killed and seriously injured cyclists and pedestrians on Britain's roads. Edinburgh will shortly be implementing 20mph restrictions on all roads within the city other than the main arterial routes. Glasgow is pushing to have the same and there is a wider push for the Scottish Government to support this as the default speed limit which will greatly increase speed of change and implmentation for Local Authorities. They would then have the ability to increase speed on main routes where they see fit.


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